Trade Forex as a Career

When Trading Forex as a Career one must do everything to protect their capital. Protecting your capital in Forex Trading is essential. When I stepped in front of my first mentor on Wall Street in 1994, I was very nervous. Here I am straight out of College on Wall Street, watching a Trader Trade the Firms’ capital. It took me weeks to learn how to open their proprietary Hedge Fund software, let alone try to master the art of Day Trading. It took me a long time, however, I learned to read what the charts were telling me. Not what I wanted the market to do. Once I learned to read the charts, my trading dramatically improved and I have never looked back. I started trading my own capital in 2000, when I realized that having a large Wall Street firm behind me was not necessary to do very well in day trading. In 2010, I was looking for something to give back to the public. People are losing their jobs and here I am in my 30′s making more money in a month than most people make in a year. In developing our Forex Trading Course, we have kept it very simple, yet very effective.

Our Forex Trading Course can be viewed here Our Forex course will give you a concrete set of strategies, an effective plan of action, great entry strategies in hand. Our Goal is to help you gain a better understanding of Forex Trading, become an expert at reading charts and you will develop a confident mental attitude towards your trading. Our goal is to completely transform your thinking. One of the things we try to hammer home in the Forex Trading Room is explaining to people that trading is meant to be simple. Our Forex trading strategies are all based on the logic and simplicity of MA’s pattern analysis, which means I look for certain MA’s signals on the charts to be present before entering a trade. We are not trading complex mechanical or automated systems, we are making real trading decisions in ‘real time’. We will help mentor you to develop real skills so that you can make your own logical trading decisions as you journey in your career as a Forex Trader.

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